The Power of Makeup Before and After

The Power of Makeup Before and After

Every person has a different relationship with makeup. Some consider it an essential requirement for leaving the house and others might only apply it on special occasions. For others, the learning curve might seem steep at times.

It is important not to get overwhelmed by all the options out there and just figure out what works best for your lifestyle. If all else fails talk to an expert to see what they might recommend for you and start exploring the exciting world of makeup from there.

Before You Apply Makeup

Whether you are preparing to paint a piece of art on canvas or to apply makeup, there are essential steps everyone must take before diving into each task. First, you must prepare the surface.

This involves keeping your skin healthy and clean. Depending on your skin type and presence of acne or blemishes this step will vary greatly from person to person.  Though establishing a good skin care regiment is a good place to start on your journey to exploring makeup application. Here are some good tips to follow:

1).Avoid sleeping in your makeup

2).Start with a clean face that has just been washed.

3).Determine if any products irritate your skin and eliminate those from your routine.

4).Establish a skin care routine including exfoliation, cleansing, and toner to get your canvas ready for makeup.

Depending on your skin type exfoliation does not need to occur daily, but rather three or four times a week. When deciding which cleaner is best for your skin type consider whether your complexion tends to be dry, oily or a combination of both.  Toner will be used at the end to clean out and shrink your pores which can help reduce blemishes in the long term. All of the above steps will ensure your skin is prepared before you start applying makeup.

After Your Makeup Application

Once you have selected the products, you would like to use as part of your skin care routine test them out for several weeks and in various conditions. Meaning see if they hold up well to your work, exercise and your general lifestyle.

You might determine in the first few weeks that you need to switch up a product or two depending on those factors. However, once all the work is done and you are pleased with your products and have become proficient at application this is the time to be experimenting with different looks and styles.

Makeup artists at Meraki Hair Studio recommend styles that look best for your complexion, personality and face shape. Some current styles that are popular now are thicker brows and using makeup to contour the features of your face that you would like to highlight.

Have fun with this process as it can be whatever you make it! Contact the Meraki Hair Studio today to learn more about finding the right makeup artist for your next appointment.