Purple Hair Stylists in Clarksville

Purple Rain Hair Stylists in Clarksville

The brilliance of the song “Purple Rain” is hitting the hair mainstream after the artist's untimely departure. People are enjoying their purple hair coloring look at the mall, movies, at the latest Clarksville events and everywhere else to pay tribute. Even if some of us may not know why purple hair is trending Prince is the true reason for the enthusiasm.

To ensure that your purple hair color or any for that matter does not fade opt for a professional permanent color and not a local supermarket solution. You can ask your hair stylists what he or she would recommend to prevent your hair from fading or check out these Meraki tips.

Protect Your Purple Hair

When you are sitting by the pool or getting ready for the weekend with a tan our stylists recommend that you protect your purple hair. What do I protect my hair with?

Look for a high SPF conditioner to protect your purple hair when you are enjoying outdoor activities. Also, try not to soak your hair too long when you are taking a dip in the pool because the chlorine can fade it fast! After you get out - wash out your hair with clean water. 

Clarksville Salon Hair Products

It's hard to make a decision when you're shopping at your local supermarket when there are more than 200 products on display at least. When it comes to salon products that you can count on Bumble and Davines is worth it to protect your new purple hair look.

I’m not one to shell out over $20 for hair products unless it's for a special occasion, or there is a bargain. There's a big difference between choosing salon hair products that will leave your hair looking healthy compared to the generic brand at the local supermarket that may leave you looking greasy and faded.

Yes, there are other ways to spend your money, but who needs another cappuccino or a new handbag when your hair can look fabulous every day? Think about it.

Meraki Hair Studio ensures that your hair stylist listens to you carefully and understands the look you want to maintain! Contact one of our stylists before the Summer is out and enjoy the purple rain hair coloring fad while you can in Clarksville.