How to Find a Good Hairstylist in Clarksville

How to Find a Good Hairstylist in Clarksville

Recently I had a new client tell me that she went to an appointment in Clarksville and told the hairstylist to cut her hair to a very specific length. To often I find the victims of color gone wrong or cuts so uneven that hats are worn in shame until they find a reputable hair studio.

It's understandable that most people will cling to their hairstylist and follow them from studio to studio.  On the flip side if your hairstylist leaves to pursue other goals or their spouse is in the military finding a new one can be a regular task and it can start to get difficult. Here are some good tips to help you find the right hairstylist in Clarksville!

Read Reviews to Find a Good Stylist

Reviews on hair studios will often mention a particular stylist, but either way, you need to go to the website or social media page to look at pictures and read any comments.

After you find the stylist that looks good to you, book an appointment for a consultation. Consultations are free and the hair stylist you find can tell you what he or she can do to improve your look. If you have an upcoming wedding or prom make sure they can handle your hair, otherwise you may have to find another stylist.

You’ll find that when you look at a hair stylist's portfolio that any fears you may have of becoming the next hair studio victim will be extinguished.  A hairstylist needs to know as much about you as you know about them to get the best results for your new look!

Interview Hairstylists in Clarksville

During your initial consultation ask your hairstylists about the kind of color selection or style that would best compliment your skin tone, face shape, and lifestyle. Their opinion may not suit your current needs for that particular appointment, but it will give you a good idea of where their head is at in the interview and where it will be in the future.

Every hairstylist approaches working on hair in a different way, and they will exhibit some degree of comfort and confidence working on your hair whether it is coarse, wiry, curly, or fine hair. Your initial consultation is your time to find out if your stylist enjoys working with your hair type.

In the end, my hair studio in Clarksville ensures that your hair stylist listens to you carefully, understands how to work with your hair type, and is above all fun to be around. Contact the Meraki Hair Studio today to learn more about finding the right hair stylist for your next appointment.